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Micromatic Drum Valve Couplers

Product Summary

The Coupler allows closed loop product pumping from drums or containers fitted with a Micromatic Drum valve.

Common configurations

Couplers are available in two distinct series for Aghem and Industrial applications:


Flow Control, *Rebuildable Double Check Valve type  3-Pin for Herbicides

744-409 - 90 Degree Angle Outlet

744-408 - Straight Vertical Outlet

Viton Seals

Viton Seals

Flow Control Double check valve type 4-Pin for Insecticides, Fungicides and suitable Liquid Fertilizers

744-085 Viton Seals


*Rebuildable Couplers, Model Numbers 744-408 and 744-409, can be field serviced with replacement external seals but they must be returned to ITS if all internal seals need replacement.


Standard 4-Pin Coupler for Oils and lubricants and selected industrial chemicals

744-012 EPDM Seals
744-013 Viton Seals

Standard 3-Pin Coupler for selected industrial chemicals and AdBlue

744-002 EPDM Seals
744-003 Viton Seals

While Viton Seals are the standard, all Couplers are available alternatively with EPDM, Aflas, FKM-HiPer and other special seal options to order.

Maximum Nominal Flowrate (Note: higher flows may damage seals)

Agchem Models - 68 LPM

Industrial Models - 90 LPM

Note: It is MOST IMPORTANT to ensure that Couplers used on Agchemicals are rinsed with clean water IMMEDIATELY after use. This will help avoid crystallization or dried solids from effecting the functionality of the Coupler and help prevent seal deterioration and increase longevity.

Couplers used in Agchem service should always be flushed using a Micromatic Rinsing Coupler shown on a following page.




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