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Emco Wheaton Swivel Joints, Safety Folding Stairs

D2000 Swivel Joint

The use of the new, multifunctional D2000 swivel joint optimizes nearly all liquid transport.

Whether in the mineral oil, food or chemical industry, the D2000 meets the highest standards. Due to the sandwich design, the bearing module is separated from the product carrying components. It can therefore be used as a standard swivel joint for nearly all media with temperatures ranging from -45 °C to +250 °C

Note: This is just one of the wide range of Emco Wheaton Swivel Joints available.

Safety Folding Access Stairs

Folding stairways are normally used to bridge the distance from loading racks to tank cars or rail tankers however they can also be used for other similar applications.

Folding stairways have to fulfill high safety requirements and the E0264 fulfils the highest safety requirements. The "German Health and Safety Executive Technical Committee" has approved the E0264 and awarded it with the test certificate No 00056 for folding stairways (3 - 5 steps) without safety basket.

Local regulations should apply and it is the buyer‘s responsibility to assure that the structure is suitable for this equipment.

Loading Arms: Systems and Spares for Terminal & Marine Loading Arms

Shown as an example is a loading arm especially designed for the bottom loading/ unloading of road or rail tankers with all type of fuels. Tanker side connection is achieved with a 4" API coupler. The loading arm dimensions are designed to allow for covering of the complete API connection area envelope.

Reliable and well proven components

  • EMCO D2000 World Series swivel joints
  • EMCO spring cylinder
  • Robust composite rubber hose or Stainless steel braded hose
  • EMCO API dry break coupler safe working easy operation drip-free welded construction.

Note: The above Safety Folding Stair and Loading Arm are mere examples of many different configurations which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Please contact us for further details as required.


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